Monday, December 25, 2006

New Beginnings

So, in addition to my personal blog, I've started this knitting blog. Mostly because my friends won't want to hear about my esoteric knitting gabble, but also to track progress on my knitting projects.

The current plan is to finish the current knitting projects I have (socks for Carol, mittens for Colette and possibly that scarf in Sea Silk for mom) and embark on my most ambitious project to date - a handspun hap shawl. The log cabin blanket I'm currently working on isn't going to be finished before I start this as I also need a simple project that is mindless for working on outside of lace.

The shawl is going to be made from white and grey/brown mystery wool (from Value Village), which I still need to check to see if it blocks properly, and the dark brown shetland wool that Golden Willow carries. I will need to pick up some more of the latter, as I've only got ~100 g of it. I still need to check that the mystery wool will block properly as I'm not entirely sure it's wool.

Based on the little bit of sampling I did, the yarn will be spun from hand carded rolags, to ~15 or so wraps per inch. It's not going to be lace weight, because I don't think I can keep the yarn even enough for a lace weight shawl. Besides, I need something slightly heavier to wear as a scarf in the winter.

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