Monday, January 15, 2007

Laundry Day!

And around here, laundry day means I get to spend a couple of hours spinning, because the spinning wheel lives at my parent's house, as our apartment is rather too small for my wheel. I spun and plied a full bobbin of brown shetland. While I was spinning I was worried it was going to turn out too heavy, but after the whole thing had been plied, it turned out to be ~sportweight, possibly a little bit lighter. I think it'll be perfect for the hap shawl. Now I just have to spin another 150g of it.

Also, there is finally another Craftster challenge entry up, which looks very different in terms of looks than my tightly knitted cozy. It's rather interesting to see the different ideas people come up with from the same prompt.

1 comment:

librarylass said...

I can't wait to see the start of the shawl/all the beautiful spun Shetland roving.

p.s. I am the person with the other entry in the craftster knitting challenge. May there be a tie in the comp so we can both get prizes!!!!