Sunday, January 28, 2007

Not Much To Report

I've finally started on Colette's mittens - just plain grey for these ones, with two cables running up the back of the hand. I hope they fit - the reason I'm knitting them is that she's got tiny hands and can't really find mittens that fit. I've got a tracing of her hand, so hopefully it'll turn out okay. I'm really liking the way the cables are looking. They're not too loose, despite the fact that I'm using acrylic yarn.

I've also been working on spinning some merino (in teal, royal blue, white, and orange) for Lindsay to knit a hat from. I'm not sure if I dyed enough fiber originally, so the hat may have to have stripes. I've Navajo plied some of it, and I really like the effect.

I love all the Craftster Challenge entries. Everything that's been posted is so different - despite all using the same stitch. I can't believe people had time to knit sweaters or clothing in the month deadline.

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